Our History

Cross Pointe Community Church was established in November 2007 in a most remarkable way. God truly showed himself amazing as He brought about the merger of two distinctly different congregations to form this wonderful church. The merger we speak of is that of Crossroads Baptist Church and Great Day Community Church. A history of these two churches follows.

Crossroads Baptist Church

Crossroads Baptist Church was established in 1978 by Hilton Bradford and Belton Deems and began holding services in the garage of Belton’s residence. Willard Deems later donated land to the church for their first church building which was located at the crossroads of Collard Valley Road and Old Rome Road in Aragon, Georgia. The church experienced tremendous growth and even after the building was expanded, quickly out grew their facilities.

In the summer of 2001 the property was purchased where the church is currently located. In November 2002, under the leadership of Pastor Tommy Cox, the church erected a tent on the new property and began having services there on December 15, 2002.

A part of the original church building was later moved to the new property with the first service being held there on January 12, 2003. A new sanctuary was added to the existing structure, which was completed on July 20, 2003.

Great Day Community Church

Great Day Community Church was established in the spring of 2006 by a group of individuals who shared a God given vision of a church that creatively shared God’s love and saving grace through Jesus Christ by ministering to all age groups. Dirk T. Gaylor was the founding pastor of Great Day Community Church, which met at the Forum Civic Center in Rome, Georgia.

The merger of the two churches came about after Harold Deems, a Deacon of Crossroads Baptist, followed the leadership of the Lord, and little prodding from his wife Vickie, and attended a service at Great Day in September 2007. After the service Harold approached Pastor Dirk and presented the idea of merging the two churches.

Almost from the beginning it seemed as if the two churches naturally fit together in that what one church had to offer the other church needed. It was also very apparent that both churches shared a similar vision and were open to making and accepting the necessary changes that a merger would bring about.

After several months of prayer and consideration, the two church bodies followed the Lord’s guidance and merged, welcoming each other with open arms.

Seeking a new beginning and a fresh identity, the church changed its name to Cross Pointe Community Church.