Mar. 13, 2017 Kevin Myrick
CrossPointe Community Church recently got a chance to expand their property with the help of a land donation. The church is located on Highway 101 near Burton’s Store in the Aragon area.. With the property donation by Polk County residents, the church will be able to expand their parking lot. A donation made by a mother and son to a Polk County church will help it expand and allow more people to come to church without having to worry about parking. Vernelle Jones and her son Freddie Garner decided it was time to do something with some land adjoining Cross Pointe Community Church in Aragon just as Senior Pastor Gary Diggs was asking for guidance for what to do in prayer. Diggs said the church already had some property connected to the church’s footprint heading toward Rome, and used it to expand Sunday school classrooms after purchasing old mobile classrooms from the Polk School District in the past. “We’d already enlarged what parking we could,” Diggs said. He prayed on the problem, pacing up and down the railroad tracks adjacent to the church on Highway 101 near Aragon and asking God for guidance on what to do and where to turn. Diggs said the Lord was listening, and brought Garner and Jones into the picture. Garner, who was born and raised in Rockmart and now lives in Marietta, said that he had been debating over what to do with the property as he also struggled to figure out how to help his mother pay her nursing home bills in Rome. Jones, 97, is the widow of longtime Polk County businessman Dorsey Jones. She has already sold off much of her property to pay the bills and some parcels still remain in the Polk County area. Some 25 acres of land sit near the church, and a piece of that property just happened to border where Diggs wanted to expand the parking area. “I found out that they might be willing to sell the property, and Mr. Garner came and met with me, and I told him what the Lord had told me,” he said. Diggs said he cried when he found out Jones was willing to donate the property instead of sell it, and after some weeks of work all was done. Already, the church has cleared some of the space and increased the amount of parking available to members and visitors when they come on Sundays for worship and Wednesday nights for Bible study. “We plan to pave it in the future,” Diggs said. Visit the website at to learn more about the church, or stop by for worship services at 11 a.m. on Sunday.